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Meals Brimming with the Bounty of Nature

Our Most Popular
Gotenba Special
¥1,050 (tax included)

A Favorite with the Locals
Hakone Special
¥1,356 (tax included)

The Fruits of the Land and Sea
Suruga Special
¥1,575 (tax included)

An Elegant Mélange of Tastes
Mt. Fuji Special
¥2,100 (tax included)

Please note that the sashimi dishes and salads in the pictures may differ according to the season.

The menu is available to only 80 persons.

The Popular Kamadoya Eel on Rice
¥1.890 (tax included)

Suruga’ Specialty Fried Sakura Shrimp
on Rice Special
¥1,470 (tax included)

Fried Shrimp, Sillago and Vegetables
on Rice Special
¥1,470 (tax included)

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